Facebook Find Friend Requests

Facebook Find friend requests – Facebook is made more interesting when you have lots of friends, and when you reunite with old friends. You can keep finding and adding friends on Facebook as long as your account exists. Your Facebook is bound to be more interesting and you get to have a lot more experiences with so many amazing friends.

Steps on how to Find Old Friends – How to Add Friends on Facebook

For you to find old friends that you have lost contact with you have to follow the instructions given below.

Fill your profile with accurate details; in the sense that you are looking for an old friend in your secondary school, if you fill out the correct secondary school you went to and the year you graduated, Facebook will also give you suggestions of people that attended the same school with you and luckily you can find the person you looking for
When the name of your old friend has been changed and you don’t know it. Facebook has made it easier for users allowing them enter the name that was currently used to search for them. Users should note that the name that will be shown will be their current name.
Steps on how to add Friends on Facebook

If you want to add a friend via mobile device, follow the instructions given
Click on the search bar
Enter the name of your friend, email address or mobile phone number
Click on the search icon
Just click on the specific person’s name
Click on the + icon next to the person’s name, by clicking on that icon you have sent the persons a friend request.
Users should note that they may not see the + icon due to the person’s privacy settings. So when they face that type of situation they should
Click on the person’s name
When the person profiles come out click on the add friend icon on their page
When you click on that icon, users should rest assured that the friend request has been sent.
This should help you add as much friends as you want on Facebook.