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Facebook Search book login: Facebook search is a very resourceful but underused feature. Most people have no idea that Facebook search could be used for very interesting searches. You can search for just about anything you want to know with the Facebook search and you be amazed with the results you would get.
We’re going to take you through the how and why of these extremely useful searches, so you’ll be able to find just about anything.

How to Search for Friends on Facebook

Type in your friend’s name into the search bar.
The results will find people you’ve friended on Facebook, friends of friends, celebrities and more, hopefully in the right order for you to find who you’re looking for.
you may additionally search directly for the email cope with someone you know. if they’ve introduced that e-mail address to Facebook and made it seen to you, you’ll find them immediately. and don’t forget about that by using importing your contacts facebook will routinely advise your friends that suit the ones electronic mail addresses too.
How to Search for Someone on Facebook

Can you find someone who is not your friend on Facebook? Here’s where you can start to use some of the other search functions.
For starters, when typing in someone’s name and looking at the suggested results, Facebook will show you if you’re not connected directly to a person, as you’ll be able to add them as a friend. It would also show you how many mutual friends you have, and who those people are.

in the event that they have a completely commonplace call, you can slim the consequences down by means of using some of the following seek tools.
How to Search by Phone Number on Facebook

you may simply search for a smartphone variety within the ordinary facebook seek. that is very useful, simply.

How to Search for Posts on Facebook

this is the in all likelihood the most not unusual fb search question. It’s the one where you’re looking for any news and chit-chat on a particular topic.

you can simply focus on a easy key-word or you can certainly employ fb graph search to discover outcomes applicable to you. Facebook actually gives the best example of this themselves.

There is an incredible amount of information right there at your fingertips. you don’t ought to limit your self to hashtag searches whilst there’s a lot else you could do.

How to Search History on Facebook

if you want to search simply your personal posts, you can use the regular seek bar as above, simply the use of “posts by using me” or you can seek thru your hobby in a distinctive manner.
Head to your activity log: https://www.facebook.com/allactivity
now, you have an easily seek area you may use to locate things you posted, both for your personal timeline, in companies or on pages. this week isn’t in reality as powerful as FB’s graph search.
as an example, in my pastime feed, I should see a post I’d lately preferred from a private organization. I looked for a few keywords in my pastime feed and it gave me no end result, despite the fact that I may want to really see it right there. with the facebook, graph seek, I threw in the equal key phrases and it gave me the result pronouncing that my pal had posted about it, then took me straight to that put up.
It is preferable to use the activity feed to browse, but do all of your searching in the regular Facebook Graph Search field.

How to Search for Groups on Facebook
Groups are tough, because while you can search for public or closed groups, some of the best are kept secret. They’re hidden away and you’ll never find them by searching (because they don’t want to be found).

Additionally, if you search for “organization” observed with the aid of the topic you’re interested in, all of the pinnacle suggested effects could be for businesses you’re already in. the first-rate manner is;
Just search for the key-word of the institution.
Press enter so you get the overall choice of consequences
Click on at the “organizations” tab of the outcomes to filter out it nicely.
This manner you’ll find plenty of corporations for anything niche you’re after.
How to Search by Location on Facebook

If you’re searching for anything at all to do with a particular place, just using the place name as a keyword will bring up casual comments, news, events, check-ins, and the rest. That’s the first step..

You can also get a little more specific, by phrasing your search like a regular sentence. Try “Coffee shops in Minnesota” and you’ll see all two of the shops jump out at you.
but names are re-used for the duration of the world and might get complicated as key terms for searches. And although Facebook does try to anticipate what you mean, eventually it has to offer more results just in case you meant something else.

But you can get even more specific too: try “Hotels in New Jersey visited by my friends” or “Places in Paris visited by people who like Ryan Gosling”. I’m sure you can think of more.

Enjoy your Facebook Search.