How to Grill Gizzards


You’ve presumably had stewed or bubbled gizzards, but at the same time they’re incredible on the barbecue. Marinate clean chicken gizzards with a prepared sauce or a gingery flavored sauce. Then, at that point, string the gizzards onto splashed sticks alongside peppers, assuming you’re utilizing them. To make Filipino grilled gizzards, you will moreover need to stew them in the flavors and brush the kebabs with the hot sauce when they’re on the grill.


  • Gizzard and Pepper Kebabs[1]
  • 1 1⁄4 pounds (570 g) chicken gizzards
  • 1⁄2 cup (120 ml) oil
  • 1 garlic clove, cut
  • 1⁄2 cup (120 ml) Worcestershire sauce
  • 4 tablespoons (50 g) dull earthy colored sugar
  • 1 teaspoon (4.9 ml) vinegar
  • 1 cup (225 g) pureed tomatoes
  • 2 yellow peppers
  • 2 red peppers
  • Makes 14 to 16 kebabs




Method :

Making Gizzard and Pepper Kebabs


  1. Consolidate the oil, garlic, sauce, sugar, vinegar, and pureed tomatoes. Pour 1⁄2 cup (120 ml) of oil into a huge bowl alongside 1 teaspoon (4.9 ml) of vinegar and 1 cup (225 g) of pureed tomatoes. Mix in 1 cut garlic clove, 1⁄2 cup (120 ml) of Worcestershire sauce and 4 tablespoons (50 g) of dull earthy colored sugar until the marinade is consolidated. You can utilize olive, coconut, or vegetable oil. Take a stab at involving white or apple juice vinegar for the marinade.


  1. Clean 1 1⁄4 pounds of chicken gizzards. Flush any blood or trash off of the gizzards and set them on a cutting board. Slice every gizzard down the middle the long way and afterward wash out the focuses to eliminate trash. Pull away and dispose of the intense yellow coating from every gizzard. You’ll have to utilize your fingers to rub the trash liberated from the gizzards as you flush.


  1. Mix in the gizzards and refrigerate them for 45 to an hour. Mix to cover them with the blend and afterward cover the bowl with saran wrap. Refrigerate the gizzards in the marinade so they relax and become delightful.


  1. Absorb the sticks water for no less than 15 minutes. Place 14 to 15 bamboo or wooden sticks into a long shallow dish. Cover the sticks with water and pass on them to douse at room temperature while you set up the peppers and the barbecue. Dousing the sticks will guarantee they don’t consume when you put them on the barbecue.
  2. Cleave 4 ringer peppers. Wash 2 yellow and 2 red peppers. Trim the stems and dispose of the seeds from the focal point of each pepper. Then, at that point, utilize a sharp blade to cut each pepper into 2 in (5 cm) pieces. Assuming you like, you can likewise utilize orange or green chime peppers.


  1. Heat a gas or charcoal barbecue to high. Turn a gas barbecue to high or fill a chimney stack with briquettes. Light the briquettes and dump them in the focal point of the barbecue once they’re hot and ashy.


  1. String the gizzards and peppers on the sticks. Eliminate the gizzards from the marinade and channel the water from the sticks. Slide 1 gizzard onto the stick and afterward string 1 to 2 bits of pepper. Keep on rotating stringing gizzards with peppers. You ought to have the option to make 14 to 16 kebabs.


  1. Put the kebabs on the barbecue and brush them with the marinade. Organize the kebabs on the hot barbecue and utilize a treating brush to cover them with the marinade. Keep the top off of the barbecue so you can turn the kebabs oftentimes.


  1. Barbecue the kebabs for 12 to 15 minutes. Set a clock for 12 to 15 minutes and turn the kebabs at regular intervals so the gizzards cook uniformly. The gizzards should look somewhat fresh around the edges and the peppers will burn. To guarantee the gizzards have gotten done with cooking, embed a moment read meat thermometer. They should reach 165 °F (74
  2. Eliminate and serve the gizzard kebabs. Use utensils to move the kebabs to a serving platter. Think about serving them with bubbled or barbecued sweet corn and salad. Refrigerate the extra gizzard kebabs in a hermetically sealed holder for up to 3 to 4 days.